These designs served as a type of moodboard. Once I decided that I wanted to use handwriting in my portfolio, I scoured books and the internet to find work by designers I admire that use handwriting to tell a story.

I'd be remiss if I didn't give much of my inspiration credit to Paul Rand and Stefan Sagmeister, both known for their use of handwriting. Emotional and relatable, their use of handwriting allows people to connect with their designs in a way that typesetting cannot.

Image credit in order: 

  1. Adultery by Louise DeSalvo, Office of Paul Sahre, 2000
  2. 2+2 Poster by Henryk Tomaszewski, 1989
  3. Love Against Hate Book Cover, Paul Rand, date unknown 
  4. Things to Do Before I Die, Stefan Sagmeister, date unknown
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