One of my first group projects at the Academy was to create a store brand that could compete with big name retailers like Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel.

Together with three classmates, I spent several weeks researching a specific target demographic, and how best we could design for their needs and expectations. We then took our research and created a flagship store that would contain several sub-brands within it. The result is Fauna, a home and wellness store that contains Flora Cafe & Garden, and Eve Beauty.




store guide-2-01.jpg

Fauna Mission Statement:

Fauna was founded on the values of quality, personal expression, and holistic wellbeing. Fauna employs in-house designers work to bring our clients high quality home goods to suit any occasion. We exist to foster meaningful relationships inside and outside the home.

Fauna refers to animal life at any particular place or time;

It is often used in conjunction with flora, meaning plant life. Fauna acts as a channel for creating your home environment. Customers can come to Fauna and find everything to build a beautiful home. Fauna captures the warm essence of a happy home, while feeling sophisticated and modern.